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Krisha Bullock

Bullock & Snow Casting

When I travel to Chicago, I always look forward to seeing the awesome talent at Management by Morgan. I’m always impressed with level of professionalism, the care and careful training that takes place there. Joe and Lisa set an example of excellence and create an environment of fun while expecting the best from everyone. The level of talent always impresses me, and I am confident that those lucky enough to work with Joe and Lisa will get the best training available to them.

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Casting Society of America


We came to visit Management by Morgan’s facility in a teaching capacity and fell in love with the community vibe they have established. The actors feel at home and safe in the environment which is integral in a business that can turn cold very quickly. This energy stems from Joe and Lisa; they have cultivated a nurturing nest where everyone feels supported while they learn and grow. It’s a warm, loving and fun environment that we will continue to visit for years to come.

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Charlene Lee

Casting Director

Thank you so much for all your help! Everyone has been so amazing and I can’t thank you enough!! I felt all your talent all gave very strong reads. I can’t thank you both enough for your kindness and generosity. This has been a great experience and I haven’t had this much fun casting in a long time! 

Rob and Kerrie

MbM Parents

We hope you’re both well! We just wanted to reach out to let you know that the role Wyatt had a callback for has now been cast, but we’d like to thank him for coming in, we think he is great and he did so well – especially to have gotten so far out of an incredibly large number of kids! We will definitely see him in the future for any suitable projects!

We’d also like to thank him for coming such a long way for this opportunity – it’s great to see such passion and determination and it’s been great to see a lot of your client’s tapes!

We look forward to working with you in the future and thanks for all of your co-operation and help too!

Parents of

Lila & Nola Tellone

MbM Talent

I just wanted to tell you how much my kids love coming into see you on Sundays! Honestly they look forward to it each week! I just wanted to let you know how thankful I am to have such positive people in my kids life! I know this industry can be hard, but with someone like you on their side it makes it all worth while!

Kris and Blaine Mallory

MbM Parents

“MBM offers the most amazing Workshops and Summer Camp Programs available. For example, this past Summer Blaine took a 1 week Summer Camp and she wrote, directed and edited a short film with her small group. The film came out absolutely amazing and Blaine had the best learning experience to see a short film created from the beginning to end. Blaine loved this camp and she made friendships that will last a lifetime. This was such a great experience we would do it again! Thank you MBM for offering such amazing Workshops and Summer Camps.”

Parents of

Zoe Bernum

MbM Talent

The team at MBM recently welcomed my 11-year old daughter to their family. She immediately felt comfortable, welcomed and confident! Zoe looks forward to each experience at MBM knowing she is going to learn and develop while doing what she loves most.

The Howell Family

MbM Talent 

We couldn’t be happier with the training and support MBM has offered while our kids pursue their acting careers.  The genuine care and commitment to bringing out the best in each child makes our relationship feel less like business and more like family; we’re not just clients, we’re friends.  The relationships MBM has built within the film industry has provided the best opportunities available for their talent.  My children would not be where they are today without the influence and guidance of MBM’s incredibly talented team.


–The Howell Family

Keisha Johnson

MbM Parent

This is me and Michael’s first year in the ” business”, and we have both learned so much MBM. We couldn’t have asked for better management team! Joe is very passionate about his kids acting careers. Lisa is the sweetest woman I’ve met so far in this industry; they both believe in my son’s talent just as much as I do. Their entire team is welcoming and they are dedicated to providing their talents with Nothing but the Best! When Michael needs to submit an audition tape they make sure it’s Perfect! They offer various acting workshops that has allowed my son to learn from some of the best casting directors in the industry such as Brittany Smith and Howard Meltzer! Michael has learned more in this one year; that takes some actors years to accomplish! If you are lucky enough to have Management by Morgan guiding your career you are Truly in Good hands of people who Honestly believe in your talents and will go above and beyond to help you achieve your acting goals. You immediately feel like part of the family because they treat you as such. They have open up doors to opportunities of a lifetime for my son. Michael has been professionally acting for only 1year and he was just booked for a reoccurring role on a Major Network! Im still in shock because I personally know so actors whos been wanting a Big break like this for over 10yrs. We couldn’t have done this in this short amount of time without you guys! This team is Amazing … Team MBM ROCKS!!!

Jen Torluemke

Parent of MbM Talent 

Lena Torluemke

MbM has been so incredibly supportive and such a positive environment for us throughout Lena’s acting journey. They make us feel like family! Thank you so much for all of the opportunities! Love you guys.

The Kuta-Bergthold Family

MbM Talent & Parents

Our daughter has been a performer since she was born, and we really appreciate how in just a few months, MbM’s training has been able to really fine-tune and focus her acting talent. We are really green to the industry, so their upfront, honest approach is appreciated. It is wonderful how they have embraced our whole family, too, and really believe in our kids. And they are always so positive and fun! 

Caitlin Ewald

MbM Talent

Ever since I was welcomed into the MbM family, my entire life and acting career have changed. It is such a unique community of actors who learn and develop from each other and from the exposure to the industry graciously introduced through Joe and Lisa. We share one another’s success and work hard in a space that fosters creativity and self expression because becoming a part of MbM is really becoming a part of a family. You can look for, but will be hard pressed to find representation and a group of people who will teach and believe in you the way the individuals at MbM do. I personally am honored to have landed in such an amazing environment. I guess life if funny like that.

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MbM Talent

Erin Allegretti

When I first came to MBM, I was 18 with no acting experience and a dream.  This is late to be starting for the industry but Joe and Lisa took a chance with me!  They told me it wasn’t going to be easy but anything is possible if you work hard!  Meeting Lisa and Joe changed my life!  Lisa exudes positive energy, happiness and excitement.  She gives you confidence and inspires you to always keep growing.  I have learned everything from her and feel blessed to also get to work with her and continue to learn from her!  And Joe is the glue that holds it all together.  He works harder than anyone I know and get the best opportunities for everyone!  Both Lisa and Joe believe so much in all of us and you always feel so loved!  MBM is a family!  We will continue to grow and succeed doing what we love!!!

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MbM Parent

India Tougne

MbM has given my kids a caring, supportive, and creative environment in which to explore their craft. We all look forward to our time there, since everyone there is so positive and fun to be around. The kids have grown so much as actors since taking lessons and attending workshops; there are so many great opportunities for them to learn directly from casting directors and agents! We love our MbM family!!

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Brittaini Ward

Casting Director

I have been a Casting Associate and Casting Director for over 5 years and have worked on feature films of every budget (from major studio franchises to ultra low budget indies), as well as on pilots and series (both network and cable). In my professional opinion, Management by Morgan represents the most diverse, interesting, and talented young actors in the Chicagoland area. I’ve had the privilege of teaching a workshop as a guest, and I could not have been more impressed with the educational and FUN atmosphere that Joe & Lisa have created for those kids. Between Lisa’s unparalleled ability to coach young performers in acting for the camera, and Joe’s unfaltering work ethic and commitment to excellence, these managers are a dream team. They recognize and cultivate extraordinary acting ability from a young age, while simultaneously arming their clients with a keen understanding of the entertainment business – not only as it exists in Chicago, but in Hollywood as well. I cannot recommend this studio highly enough!


Stuart Alexander

President/SEO of Scenebot

The talent level I see coming from the young actors at MBM is in a league of it’s own. Lisa, Joe and staff are doing a tremendous job training and preparing their actors to work and compete at the highest levels of the industry.

Casimere Jollette.jpg

Casimere Jollette

MbM Talent 

I met Lisa Morgan in 2010 when she first started up MbM in my mother’s dance studio. At first, I wanted nothing to do with the thought of acting, all until Lisa put me on tape for an audition and opened the doors to opportunity. If it wasn’t for her, I would have never even considered acting and I wouldn’t be where I’m at today living in Los Angeles, pursuing it as a career. I owe everything to Lisa and Joe for all that they have done for me. MbM is more than just a talent management company, it’s a family. And I am so honored to be a part of it.

Kris & Blaine Mallory

MbM Family 

Blaine’s lessons with Lisa Morgan is the best private coaching available. Lisa is absolutely amazing with kids! Blaine and Lisa have a very special bond and I am so grateful for all that she has done for her!

Jose Gonzalez Castro

MbM Talent & Staff

I would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for MBM! MbM has opened their arms wide open and they have given me tremendous amounts of opportunities that I would have never had! Lisa is a phenomenal acting coach as she bring a unique quality to any material that is put in front of her. She will elevate anyone’s performance within seconds! Joe is amazing and hilarious, and will stand by you no matter what the situation. He will knock down doors and barriers and will fight for you until the end! He truly is a Full Service Manager!!! The family culture that MbM has cultivated has left an impression on me that I will never forget! MbM is simply the Best!

Grace Ransom

MbM Talent 

MBM is a place that is full of people who want to make dreams come true. There is no better place to be a part of. Joe and Lisa do all they can for the kids they represent with opening doors for all kinds of opportunities. I have been represented by MBM for 4 years and have built many relationships with casting and others, thanks to Joe and Lisa. It feels like family and nothing is better than that.

MbM Parent

Danielle Brown

Joe, I want to commend you and your wife (staff also) on giving Blaire the opportunity to be on Chicago PD.  I am still in awe of her performance.  I cried so hard at the end because she brought me right into her character.  Bravo to you and your staff on a job well done!

MbM Talent 

Parents of 

Gracie Ray Loveland

Dear Joe,

Gracie has dreamt of becoming an actress since she was very little. When she was only two years old she told, us she wanted to be on TV. We actually searched and tried to find ways to help that dream come true. But with the many scams out there we were very cautious and after years of no luck we started to see it as an unreachable dream. Then in September of 2013 we walked into MBM for a voice over audition. This is where we first met Lisa. This was the moment Gracie’s dream began to become a reality. Gracie has grown so much as an actress in the 4 short years she has been with MBM, thanks to Lisa and her wonderful team of coaches. Since meeting Joe and Lisa, Gracie has had so many wonderful opportunities,

She has filmed a movie entitled “Babysitter.  She has been on 2 network shows “In an Instant” season 1 episode 1, on ABC, and Chicago Fire season 4 episode 22.  She has filmed 3 short films “Margaret and the Moon” Directed by Trevor Morgan, “The Green Brick”, and “Spectra”.

She was also in a couple Onion productions, a spot on Click hole entitled “Mother explains death to her daughter”, and the other was a Halloween Cheetos commercial.

She also had the honor of meeting and signing with her agents at Big Mouth Talent, and DBA. Gracie loves going to MBM and looks forward to seeing everyone every time she is called in. This is because every time we enter the door it feels like family. Thank you so much for everything you do and thank you so much for making Gracie’s dream come true.

MbM Parent

Dr. Melanie Cannady

Love being with a company that truly cares about your child’s growth and potential!!

Antonio Ciano.jpg

MbM Talent

Antonio Ciano

I remember the first time walking into MBM auditioning for Lisa. I was nervous and filled with anxiety. But Lisa and Joe, both welcomed me with open arms and treated me like family since my first day. My knowledge of the craft grew exceptionally quick and I was able to form a foundation for my acting that I never had before. MBM not only helped me grow as a person with integrity but I grew stronger as an actor. I am blessed to have the opportunities Joe and Lisa provide for me and the rest of us in the MBM family. From private casting director workshops to acting classes to real life audition scenarios preps, I walk into every audition ready to crush it. Thank you MBM.

Margaret and the Moon.jpg

MbM Parent

Crissa Palowitz


First of all, thank you for another amazing opportunity for the kids. Bella learned so much from Krisha last year and I truly believe that’s why she has had so many call backs this year. This year’s workshop only reinforced what Bella learned last year and helped her shine in the class on Saturday.

Also, I just wanted to take a minute to tell you both how very much I appreciate the efforts of your amazing staff. I know how overworked they are, trying to juggle your schedules, the kids’ schedules, and working on their own acting careers. Yesterday, Erin and Michael went above and beyond to accommodate us first thing in the morning so we could head back to Ohio early.

In doing so, they both worked with Bella on a very important audition request that came from Tim’s office.  They coached her just like I have heard Lisa do. They made her shoot scenes over and over again until they thought it was perfect. The end result … Joe liked the tape and sent us home. THANK YOU Team MbM – you are all amazing!

MbM Parent

Nerina Binetti

I just can’t say enough great things about MBM. I am amazed at how by virtue of MBM’s phenomenal training, acting classes, patience and experience with child actors has greatly elevated Alyssa’s acting abilities to a level where she is constantly busy with audition requests for commercials, episodics, and feature films. In her time with MBM she has booked numerous commercials and even a recurring co-star role on Chicago Med. I truly believe without MBM’s training and support, Alyssa would not be where she is now. MbM has definitely helped pave a successful future for Alyssa in the acting world. Thank you MBM!

Tracy Gordon

MbM Parent

Joe, I want to commend you and your wife (staff also) on giving Blaire the opportunity to be on Chicago PD.  I am still in awe of her performance.  I cried so hard at the end because she brought me right into her character.  Bravo to you and your staff on a job well done!

Julian Josip.jpg

Julian Josip

MbM Talent

MBM has helped me learn the ins and outs of the industry – from live auditioning to film acting – in front and behind the scenes. More importantly, MBM has grown my network with people in the industry both in Chicago as well as getting representation and auditions in L.A.

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