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MBM Talent is focused on discovering young talent who have the passion, determination and drive to pursue their dream of breaking into the entertainment business. At MBM Talent, we strive to create a positive, supportive and fun environment in which our talent can flourish. We are dedicated to providing our talent with the individualized attention they deserve. To achieve this, we are highly selective when choosing the talent we develop.


MBM Talent has worked tirelessly to foster symbiotic relationships with prominent industry professionals nationwide. This affords us a direct line to promote our talent for consideration for roles in TV, feature films, new media, and commercials across the United States and to proactively shape and build their careers. Our track record for consistently providing the most professional and prepared auditions has motivated industry professionals to continually turn to us when searching for talent for upcoming projects.



MBM Talent is committed to realizing the potential of each actor by cultivating their skills, broadening their range and developing their ability to interpret material and connect with characters. Our goal is to make sure that each actor meets the high standards necessary to be competitive in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago and internationally.


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