Blaine Mallory in the short film "Even and Odd"


The Path of Opportunity

Management by Morgan is a recently developed business that focuses on discovering, cultivating, and representing aspiring youth actors in their pursuit of breaking into the entertainment industry. Although we are based in the Chicago metropolitan area, MbM has a direct line to various prominent contacts nationwide which enables us to submit Midwest talent for consideration in roles of upcoming projects in television, feature films, and commercials.

MbM’s founder and CEO, Lisa Morgan, holds over twenty years of experience in all aspects of the entertainment industry which she has gained by working on over twenty Hollywood films ranging from The Patriot, The Sixth Sense, Jurassic Park III, and a variety of other independent films to Network Television Series’ including Baywatch, Touched by an Angel, and ER to name a few. MbM plans to utilize Lisa’s in depth knowledge and experience in casting and on-set coaching to search for talent to submit to various casting agents related to their upcoming projects.